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I climbed Olympus! Okay, not really..

I bought an Olympus VN-7000 today. Why? Well after basically saying for years now that I should pick up an recorder I finally did. I’ve wanted one for a while now because I keep coming up with really funny skit ideas along with my wife. We go for long drives sometimes, just to get out and enjoy the open road. Sometimes we travel for hours, but mostly it’s in our local area. I’m getting off track. During these rides we often come up with really funny ideas for things that could be skits on television shows and even songs and things that could be for kids. We have a lot of good ideas but they kept getting swept to the wind since we’d forget to write them down.

Today as I was leaving work I was listening to “Making It with Riki Lindhome.”It’s a podcast about acting and the business.  I found it when I discovered that Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) had a blog online.  I found it by accident when I was looking for autograph information on’s forums. Anyway, listening to the podcast made me think of the whole deal with the recorder and I thought about buying it someday. Then I decided to just buy it now. The box it came in was damaged and taped up on top. I mentioned it to the cashier at Wal-Mart when I was about to purchase it. She said it was probably like that because the top tab had been torn and they needed to fix it before adding one of those plastic stick on hanging things to the box again. Okay, that’s fine. I bought the item anyway.

When I opened the box at home everything was there, the book, the batteries that came with it. Everything, all in it’s proper place just like it was new. I tried recording my first message on it but didn’t have it down yet with how the thing worked. My wife gave it a try and set the date on the thing for me. When we tried listening to the play back of us we discovered another person on the recorder. No it wasn’t some ghostly voice. It was a guy testing the audio recorder. The thing was used. I know some people would make a huge deal about it, but I’m not all that concerned. It seems like one of three things happened. 1. A customer bought it and tried it out at home. He couldn’t figure it out and never heard himself being recorded and returned it to the store and they put it back up for sale. 2. A customer tried it out at the store and they just put it back on the shelf, an employee found it and taped it back up. 3. He was allowed to try it at the store and they put it back on the shelf. All three are complete B.S and shouldn’t be allowed to happen. I could go and complain but whats the point? The thing works and now I have some slightly amusing audio to share. Here is the audio of the “Mystery Tester”:


This is my blog.

Well here I am and here you are. If you’re reading this you’re wondering about me, who I am, and what I’m into, or you just happened to find this blog by a search engine fluke or some other random reason. Maybe I sent you the link. Well I really can’t tell you all about me in just this one post. If you stick around though through the first, and continuing entries you’ll find out a lot more. I’ll put some info out there for you though.

I’m interested in plenty of things like acting, building things, creating costumes, making props, but that’s just a few of the things I’m into. I love animals and have never not had a pet.
Music… well, I’m into whatever hits my ears the right way. I’ll give all music a chance, but I’m not into screaming death metal, not even a little bit. I like to actually understand what’s being said in a song, it kind of makes sense since the lyrics are there for a reason right?

I’m also qI’ve been an extra in a few films, had a role in one independent film and I’ve been in one play. I’d love to do a lot more acting but at the moment I need a full time job and well, that kind of kills the opportunity for time to do that stuff. I need the money. It stinks but it’s true. Most people don’t make a living off of acting. I’d love to but right now I have to do what I have to do.

I’m a bit of a geek, not so much a nerd, but a geek. I’m into video games, sci-fi, anime, etc. I make my own costumes and I go to conventions too. A lot of people get put down for being interested in that stuff. You see it on television a lot during movie premieres where the people that dress up get the typical “I don’t get these nerds” kind of reactions from reporters on the scene and those sitting behind the desk. Screw it. They don’t get it and they probably never will.

I don’t do this stuff for a living, or for a paycheck, yet, but it sure would be nice to be given the opportunity to create something for film or television and get some cash for it.
I wonder if I’d still like it if I did it as a “job”. I think I would but you often hear of people that went into their “dream job” and came out hating it.

I think it’s different for me though. I just love to build and make things. It just feels good to create. I guess that’s one of the reasons I created this blog, to show the things I make, things I enjoy and to share them too.

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